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COMING SOON -  Colorway Productions and Static Sifting Films, in collaboration with Manderfilm, present an experimental mixed-media sci-fi short film written, directed, produced, and edited by Teresa-Esmeralda Sanchez.

A young artist plagued by recurring nightmares and unable to sleep joins her cyber-curious friend in a test to see if an app can reveal what's in her dreams. Is she prepared for what she might find? 

See below for behind-the-scenes photos of the making of the film. 

Fixed Point Film: Video

Inspired by early experimental/surrealist cinema; in combination with limited digital effects, this film utilizes an analog visual effect called direct animation.

Fixed Point Film: Video

Direct animation, also referred to as drawn-on film animation, scratch film, or cameraless animation is a technique done by manipulating the film stock directly. Here you can see the test animation being practiced on some found footage.

Fixed Point Film: Video
Fixed Point Film: Gallery
Fixed Point Film: Pro Gallery
Fixed Point Film: Pro Gallery

A film by Teresa-Esmeralda Sanchez.
Starring Makeba Ross as Melissa and Giovani Naarendorp as Esteban.

Story Editor and Assistant Director, Galen Powell

Cinematographers Stephen Taylor

and James Mckenzie

Location Sound, Brandon Manderville

Script supervisor, Valerie Barnhart.

BTS Photographer Claire Walsh.

Post sound, Jane and Brandon Manderville.

Digital VFX, Saffia Rahimtoola.

Analog VFX, Teresa-Esmeralda with the help of Mono No Aware.

Catering, the Sanchez Family.

Fixed Point Film: Text
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